• Your garbage receptacle (can) must be placed out by the road the night before your scheduled pick up day to ensure pick up.
  • Residential services include a 95 gallon can (garbage receptacle) and will be emptied once a week per household.
  • An "extra" 30 gallon can (garbage receptacle) of your own is acceptable and will be emptied at no extra charge and shall not exceed one(1); anything more will incur additional charges.
  • Collection is limited to household trash only! We cannot accept construction debris, dead animals, hazardous waste, metal, wire, tires, or brush. Hazardous waste such as paint cans, batteries, chemicals, ammunition, or other items that would be hazardous to the environment.
  • Please be mindful when putting items in your garbage receptacle (can) that are too heavy to lift. They will be left if the can tipper on the truck cannot lift them.
  • Damage to cans due to pulling or dragging with vehicle or damage done intentionally will not be covered. A fee for a new can will apply.
  • Please  keep us informed of any address or billing changes in order to keep your account current and in good standing.

NOTE: As long as you have our can you will be responsible for monthly fees and applicable charges, until you notify our office in writing. ( You may do this through the "Contact" page on our website)